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This is a process applied to a well that has problems flowing or is highly corrosive. Downhole chemical injection is performed by running small diameter tubing down a mandril set on the production string. Chemicals are injected by a pumping unit located on the surface and is skid mounted with the appropriate equipment.

Subsurface valves are installed on producing wells to prevent blowouts. These valves are located below the sea bottom. The safety valve is hydraulically operated to open and close according to pressure and flow. The hydraulic fluid is transmitted to the downhole safety valve through small diameter tubing. in most applications 1/4" tubing is used, (Welded or Seamless). This tubing is generally strapped to this production tubing at the same time the safety valve is installed. In some applications this tubing is encapsulated in high density Polyethylene, Santoprene, PVC and other materials. Encapsulating protects the tubing from chemicals, corrosive conditions and abrasion which occur during installation.

This small diameter tubing (1/4" thru 2") is supplied in twenty foot sections and is used primarily in refineries, chemical plants, pulp and paper plants and on offshore production platforms. It is used to interface the pneumatic and hydraulic end devices which are part of the process control systems.