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HPZ-09 Mobile Water Jet Packing Extraction System: The HPZ-95NA has been re-packaged to eliminate weight and increase portability and to verify that it is indeed a one man operable system.   The great performance of the system is the same, but more customer friendly.   The case is indestructible molded polyethylene built to withstand repeated abuse.  Two position telescoping handle which locks in place, oversized widely spaced wheels for ease of movement with recessed wheel housings and hardware.   Comfort grip handles and a lifetime guarantee!!    Weight reduction is approx. 20 pounds.   
The system has been designed for fast and efficient removal of valve stem packing, pump packing and flange gasketing.  It also eliminates the risk of scoring or gouging a valve stem, stuffing box bore or flange face caused by out dated manual extraction methods. The HPZ-09 Mobile system allows for instantaneous flow control at the gun without the use of electrical or pneumatic remote controls or switches.  The DSG-20 extraction gun is a hand held device that is activated by depressing a gun type trigger.  This allows for a safe and positive flow and shut-off control at the gun.  Releasing the gun trigger stops all jetting flow instantaneously regardless of the distance from the pumping unit.  When the trigger is released the pump unit will stall at the preset operating pressure.   The HPZ-09 Mobile provides the operator with the ultimate in safety and positive control of the amount of water or chemical used in the extraction process.  The usage of the HPZ-09 Mobile will result in reduced labor costs and a substantial reduction in REM hours in Nuclear Power Plants.

Dimensions: 11" (28cm) high x 20" (51cm) wide x 17" (43cm) deep  Weight : 60 lbs (27 kg)

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Starting back in the late 80's near the onset of "live loading" programs, or wherever large packing programs have developed, somewhere in the mix, the packing extractor has had a prominent place. It is the only way that end-users can do large quantities of valves during standard plant outages/turnarounds.

Typically, in all large packing projects, either the plant has owned an extraction machine or a distributor has owned a machine and rented it to the plant during the outage/turnaround or the service company who did the repack services owned a machine. In today's business climate, the use of this machine coupled with packing programs makes even more sense.

The trend today, in all industries, is plants want to increase the operating time between their scheduled outages, they want to shorten their scheduled outages and, unfortunately in many cases, they are trying to do this with fewer maintenance people. How will our customers achieve these goals? First, these goals can be achieved by upgrading their sealing technology, so things do last longer and less rework is required during outages/turnarounds. And, secondly by utilizing technology like the Hydro Jet Packing Extractor which allows plants to do more work in a significantly shorter period of time.

Everyone agrees that unpacking valves is a time consuming process and time is money! Unpacking valves with deep stuffing boxes can take 2-3 hours. With the packing extractor machine the same job can be done in 5-10 minutes.

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