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The Water Jet Packing Extractor consists of an air operated, high pressure pumping system, high pressure hose, extraction gun, and a nozzle kit. This system has been designed for fast and efficient removal of valves stem packing, pump packing or flange gasketing. The packing is removed and the stuffing box and backseat are cleaned in one quick operation. The water Jet Packing Extractor system allows for instantaneous flow control at the gun without the use of any electrical or pneumatic remote controls or switches.

The DSG-20 Dry Shut Off Gun is a hand-held device that is activated by depressing a gun type trigger. This allows for a safe and positive flow and shut-off control at the gun.

Releasing the gun trigger stops all jetting flow instantaneously, regardless of the distance from the pumping unit. When the trigger is released, the pump unit will stall at the preset operating pressure.

The water Jet Packing Extractor provides the operator with the ultimate in safety and positive control or the amount of water or chemical used in the packing removal process.





SIZE: 36" height x 20" width x 21" depth (92 cm x 51 cm x 53 cm)

WEIGHT: 150 pounds (52 kg)

70 to 120 psi (4.,7 to 7 BAR)

80 to 100 cfm (2,25 to 5,25 Cu m)

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