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Designed for testing the integrity of pressure vessels such as pipes, fittings, valves, tubes, hoses, cylinders, receivers, etc. and calibration of instrumentation, gages, relief valves, pressure switches, transmitters, etc. The testing can take the form of proof-testing, leak testing, burst testing, or fatigue testing.

The HTS-94 and the HTS-94 PC are specifically designed with the Technician / Specialist in mind: lightweight and portable, safe and accurate, with all the necessary controls and components self contained. Developed from thirty years of field engineering experience, these state of-the-art Hydrostatic Test Systems are available from Hydro Technology Systems.

Available Accessories

Air or Test H.P. Hose, Pressure Recorders w/charts, Dead - Weight Testers, Test Gages - Certified


HTS - 94
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HTS - 94 PC
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